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From our founder

I founded The People’s Therapy in the hopes of creating a safe space of diverse therapists to join you on your mental health journey.

No matter where you are in life, you are not alone. You deserve to feel grounded and whole and we will be here to guide you and listen to you as you begin to unpack the heavy baggage of the past and present. It takes courage to take this step, and we feel privileged to help you along the way.

Our mission

The People’s Therapy is a virtual mental health practice of diverse and inclusive therapists some of whom identify as BIPOC. Our mission is to provide excellent mental health services at affordable fees and via insurance. We are passionate about learning and therefore our clinicians are constantly working and growing their clinical skills to bring the latest tools and interventions to their therapy sessions. We believe everyone should have access to exceptional mental health care from well trained licensed clinicians, with someone you can identify with whether through lived experience, culture or race, and at your convenience.

Clinical focus

– Anxiety
– Depression
– Perfectionism
– Trauma
– Relationship Difficulties
– Parenting Difficulties
– 1st and 2nd generation
    immigrant challenges
– Grief and Loss
– Minority Stress due to racism
    and microaggressions
– Minority LGBTQIA+
Find a safe space for your mental health journey.
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