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Mental Health Services in New York State


At The People’s Therapy, we’re on a mission to bring accessible and inclusive mental health services to the entire state of New York.

Our virtual mental health practice is your bridge to top-quality care, reaching individuals, families, and groups across urban, suburban, and rural communities throughout the Empire State.

Whether you’re in the bustling heart of New York City, the picturesque Hudson Valley, or any corner of New York, The People’s Therapy is here to guide you on your journey to mental wellness.

Our services are thoughtfully crafted to meet the unique needs of individuals and families statewide, reflecting our unwavering commitment to making quality mental health care accessible to every New Yorker. From the vibrant energy of the city to the tranquility of upstate regions, we proudly extend our mental health support to residents in every part of the state.

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Experience the convenience of virtual therapy no matter where you are in the state of New York.”

Why Choose
The People’s Therapy
In New York State

Experienced and Passionate Therapists: Our therapists are experienced, supportive, and committed to your well-being.

Statewide Access: The People’s Therapy brings accessible mental health services to all of New York State. Whether in bustling New York City or serene upstate regions, we’re your partner in wellness.

Culturally Competent Care: Many of our therapists identify as BIPOC, ensuring a connection based on culture, race, or shared experiences.

Affordable Fees and Insurance Coverage: We believe everyone should have access to exceptional mental health care.

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Our New York State Reach:

  • Urban Centers: From the vibrant streets of New York City to the bustling energy of Albany and Buffalo.
  • Suburban Communities: Serving suburban areas, such as Long Island, Westchester County, and the surrounding counties.
  • Rural Areas: Providing vital support to residents in rural communities across upstate New York.

Services for NY State Residents

Our clinical focus includes:
Relationship Difficulties
Parenting Difficulties
1st and 2nd generation immigrant challenges
Grief and Loss
Minority Stress due to racism and microaggressions
Minority LGBTQIA+
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Ready to embark on your mental health journey? Reach out to The People’s Therapy today to schedule an appointment. We’re passionate about helping you achieve your goals and providing you with exceptional mental health care, no matter where you are in New York.

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These therapists are passionate and invested in their work. They are all experienced, supportive, and talented. My therapist has helped me immensely in the last few months–I'm so grateful for The People's Therapy.
— Christina Westermeyer
Therapy Client
Find a safe space for your mental health journey.
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300 Cadman Plaza W
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